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Pupil Premium


The Pupil Premium is funding provided to schools which is additional to main school funding. The Premium is allocated to children who are known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), Service Children and children who have been ‘Looked After’ continuously for more than six months. In 2012, funding was extended to include pupils who have been eligible for free school meals within the past 6 years.


It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils in the school.


From September 2012, we are required to publish the information about how we have used the funding to ensure that parents and others are aware of the impact the funding has on attainment of pupils covered by the Pupil Premium.


The information regarding how the Pupil Premium was spent in the last financial year, the impact of this funding, and the plans for future spending are shared on this website.


  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Appropriate provision is made for pupils in vulnerable groups.  The needs of pupils from Low-income families, Service Children and "Looked After" children are carefully assessed and addressed.
  • Schools have the freedom to allocate the Pupil Premium based on the needs of the pupils. However they are accountable for how the additional funding supports pupils from the aforementioned groups.
  • We strive to ensure that any pupils at risk of underachieving are identified early so that support and intervention can be provided, in particular pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium.  In so doing our main aim is to close the attainment gap.
  • The achievement of pupils covered by Pupil Premium is included in the performance tables.

Pupil Premium Funding



2017 - 18

2018 - 19

2019 - 20




Ever 6


Ever 6


Ever 6


Ever 6

%FSM Pupils









Total Funding










Pupil Premium– Hellifield Community Primary School – 2017/18


The table below shows our Pupil Premium expenditure for 2017 / 18, the impact of which will be reviewed at the end of the year.


Issue / Target



Intended outcomes

To improve feedback on pupils work (identified by Sutton Trust as effective way of raising standards)

Training 1 member of staff and then dissemination to whole staff.




Improved feedback systems in place throughout the school. Contribution towards raised standards for all.



Behavioural and emotional literacy


RPI training for whole staff

‘SUMO4Schools’ taster session and materials

Intervention groups 30 minutes each week







Staff  have more de-escalation techniques to deal with issues of emotional and behavioural challenge.

Children can deal with stressful situations more easily.

Raising of standards in writing – KS2

‘Oral to Written’ intervention





Increased progress towards individual targets and ‘expected progress’

Raising of standards in reading – KS2




Reading intervention


Renaissance Learning

Accelerated Reader





Children have made increased progress towards their own targets and expected progress in reading


Extension of more able – literacy – KS2

Newspaper and blog workshop 25 weeks x 30 minutes


Children show evidence of working at greater depth in their writing.

Memory and inference development

Memory games

Inference support




Improved memory capacity and ability to cope with different areas of the curriculum

Preparation for SATS – target to expected standard

SATS booster sessions




Children reach aspirational targets in KS2 STAS tests


Care for pupils before and after school



Pupils have a good breakfast and begin school in a state of learning readiness. They also benefit from the resources,  activities and social interactions available.

Numeracy gaps KS2

First Class @ Number 2 intervention

Training and materials 


£660 + £180


Raised level of progress in maths


To supplement reading done at home KS1 and 2

Intense reading practice for individuals


Greater confidence in reading.

Early intervention required in Early Years

Teaching Assistant in place 20 hours a week



General raising of standards in early years with implications for the rest of KS1 and beyond.

Providing range of opportunities

Financial support for school trips


Residentials to Nell Bank, Humphrey Head and Edinburgh


Providing range of opportunities

Financial support for school trips

£300 (est – 3days)

School day trips

Providing range of opportunities

Financial support for swimming lessons


Pupils able to access swimming curriculum

Providing range of opportunities

Transport costs paid


Pupils able to attend Pupil Voice Conference

Raising standards in Maths



Improved individualised learning and progress in Maths.

Total Cost



Impact on FSM Achievements

  • Enabled KS2 pupils to make more than expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths over two terms
  • Identified vulnerable pupils made progress in line with their peers
  • Opportunities for children to mix with their peers in situations outside of the classroom; enabled increased confidence,  new experiences and improved social integration
  • Progress in Maths in-line with Reading and Writing across the school
  • Increased number of PP children accessed before and after school club to ensure a positive start to the day & safe end to the day
  • Parents are able to access information about their child’s progress in reading using the online resources to enable them to support at home.



Strengths and Areas for Development


  • Largest class in the school is well supported with two experienced and skilled teaching assistants
  • A variety of intervention groups: Reading Intervention, Speaking through Narrative, 1st Class @ Number, Success @ Arithmetic
  • Vulnerable groups are tracked and make progress in line with their peers
  • Staff know all our children well through effective pastoral care and successful links with outside agencies
  • Link with school in Bradford creates opportunities to broaden children’s experiences and perceptions of different schools and settings


Areas for development:

  • Continue and extend provision through external and in house CPD of all staff
  • Recruitment for an experienced GTA
  • Further develop cluster collaboration to extend more able children