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Ribblesdale COVID19 CP Policy addendum Jan 21

Complaints procedure Ribblesdale Feb 2021

Policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints Feb 2021

Lettings, Charging & Remissions Policy Dec 2020 (RFS)

NYSCP-COVID19-School-Child-Protection-Policy-Addendum-30.3.20 RFS May 2020

Mental Health and Wellbeing policy RFS 2019

The Ribblesdale Federation Accessibility and Inclusion Plan (final)

SEN information report RFS

Ribblesdale Federation Complaints Procedure

RFS SEND policy 2020

RFS Policy For Volunteers 2020

RFS Packed Lunch Guidance 2020

RFS NQT Policy Sept 2020

RFS Learning Walk Policy

RFS Food Policy 2020

RFS Equalities Scheme 2020

RFS Collective Worship Policy for H and G

RFS Attendance Management Policy (final)

RFS Assessment Policy April 2020

RFS Administration of Medicines Policy 2020

RE policy RFS for G and H

Learning Walk Evidence RFS

Home School Agreement RFS 2020

Federation Feedback & Presentation Policy Oct 2019

Amendment to RFS beh policy for covid-19 may 2020

Allergies-policy-RFS 2020

The Headteacher and Governors of the school have worked to develop a range of policy documents.  These guide the everyday mechanics as well as the aims and values of Hellifield Community Primary School.  They outline the methods and procedures we follow in different areas of the school such as education, behaviour, health and well-being and finance.

Anti Bullying Policy RFS

Behaviour, Anti-bullying and Exclusions

Information about PREVENT can be found on pages 25-27 Section I of the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy