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Complaints Procedure

Overview of Complaints procedure for all complainants


What to do if you have a concern or a complaint


We aim to work closely with everyone to ensure that all children can learn and play happily at school. 

We view all complaints in a positive way, as it helps the school improve its practices.


However, sometimes problems do occur and the best person to talk to first if you have a child in school is usually your child’s class teacher. If you do not have a child in school please talk to the headteacher.


If you are still worried or concerned, the head teacher will be happy to talk to you at a mutually convenient time. Please contact the school office to make an appointment to talk to the Headteacher or write to the Headteacher explaining your complaint and what you would like to happen now.


This is part of a full procedure which all schools have in place and has been approved by the Governing Body. 


Full details of our complaints procedure can be found by following the link on our Policies page.