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Sports Funding

Sports’ Premium and Sustainability

Sports’ Premium funding enables us to promote sport and active lifestyles. It enables us to introduce children to sports and activities, led by specialists, that they would not otherwise be exposed to and that they may then choose to pursue as an individual interest.

Through the use of a specialist teacher, both TAs and teaching staff are being upskilled to support their own CPD, but also with future provision in mind.

It contributes to the school’s ethos by encouraging an expectation that children will try out new activities and be involved in activities after school and in the community, developing their own skills as well as representing the school at cluster events.

A participation analysis for the academic year of 2016 / 17, completed in May 2017, showed that all members of KS2 have participated in at least one extra-curricular sporting activity facilitated through sports’ premium funding. 50% of pupils in Class 3 have taken part in 3 to 7 events / clubs and 72% of Class 2 in 3 to 6 events/clubs. Class 1 have really benefitted from having a specialist teacher, with Y2 enjoying athletics and football events. All pupils have had the opportunity to take part in after school clubs organised by external providers and which have included – cheerleading, street dance, dodgeball, football and multi-sports.

This funding also enables us to strengthen links between the schools in the local area and contributes significantly to the development of relationships between children in the same year group who will be transferring to the same secondary provision. Cluster events are now well established, having become a routine expectation for the whole school community.

Where possible, we can also use ‘Sports Premium’ funding for the purchase of specialist PE and sporting equipment to build up our range of equipment to be used by current and future pupils.

Sports’ Funding

The school grant for 2016-17 was approx. £8,200

This has been used to put into place the following strategies to promote and develop PE, promote healthy lifestyles and physical well-being in our school.

  • Specialist PE teaching and coaching provided by local partners in traditional and alternative sports such as tag rugby, cricket, football, handball, multi-skills, gymnastics, rounders £7000


  • School Sports Partnership Coordinator for the planning, organisation and running of competitive and non -competitive sporting events, including cross country, athletics, football, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, swimming, hockey, tri-golf, cricket, rugby, mini-Olympics. £800


  • Transport: Minibus and coach hire to enable pupils attend cluster events during the school day £440


Impact of Funding

  • Specialist teaching input in certain areas of PE leading to enhanced development of skills.


  • Through specialised teaching/coaching children are challenged, encouraged and have opportunities to develop skills and sportsmanship in different sports and to improve their own performance


  • All pupils have the opportunity to participate in competitive sport and display greater motivation to improve their own performance


  • Pupils are introduced to sports they might otherwise not be able to access.


  • Access to sporting events facilitated



  • Children have a greater understanding of the importance of exercise and having a healthy lifestyle